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At our Tampa, FL CEC, our Crypto Guides help break down the blockchain and cryptocurrency through in-person chats. Stop by in person or visit us in the metaverse to explore our rotating NFT gallery. You can also attend free educational and networking events to keep the fun going!

Welcome to the world of crypto


  • Learn about crypto

    Want to know what all the fuss is about? Don't understand the point of an NFT? Begin your crypto journey with the help of our knowledgeable Crypto Guides.

  • Connect with others

    Be a part of the growing crypto community by attending our free in-person or metaverse-based classes, or network with other crypto-curious and experienced investors.

  • Invest in your future

    It doesn't have to be intimidating! Create a crypto portfolio that’s uniquely you by purchasing crypto with cash at our ATMs or through our online Order Desk.

Visit the Crypto Experience Center

Sparkman Wharf 615 Channelside Dr Suite 102 Tampa, FL 33602

Wednesday-Saturday 11am - 7pm | Sunday 11am - 6pm

  • Let's Have a Chat

    Connect with a Crypto Guide

    Don't worry, our Crypto Guides have heard it all! Book an appointment for a casual in-person discussion at our Tampa, FL CEC to get all your crypto questions answered.

    No purchase necessary (but we do have some sweet swag for sale).

Good news! You don't have to physically be in Tampa to visit us. Virtually check out the space, attend classes or events, and explore the NFT gallery online all with just one click.

From digital wallets and blockchain to NFTs and Web3, learn crypto concepts in our classes or events. You can attend in person at our Tampa Crypto Experience Center or virtually in the metaverse.

  • The Orange Pill

    The Orange Pill is an introduction to the shortcomings of the existing monetary system, and the proposition of a powerful alternative called Bitcoin.

    4/28 - An Introduction to Bitcoin

    5/10 - An Introduction to Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Basics

    Bitcoin Basics is a beginner-friendly introduction to safely purchasing, storing and using your Bitcoin! This course covers best practices for acquiring Bitcoin and other crypto assets, managing crypto wallets, and securely sending and receiving crypto.

    Coming soon.

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