And we’re here to make crypto accessible to all of us.

We get how intimidating crypto can be ... all the options, with more than 13,000 coins and tokens, and all the lingo and hype and drama. Most people (normal people, that is) don’t know where to start, and they’re skeptical if they even should.

Well, we set out to change that. Who are we? We’re just a bunch of people headquartered in Chicago who believe all of us deserve access to crypto, not just the tech gurus and financial wizards. Launched by CoinFlip, Olliv is a simple, intuitive financial services platform that makes it easy for anyone to buy, sell, or send crypto, and make it a part of everyday life.

We envision a future where everyone can use digital holdings to make everyday purchases and gain access to previously hard-to-buy assets like precious metals and real estate, without the need for frustrating third-party intervention. And since our launch in 2015, we have made it our mission to make cryptocurrency and the digital economy safe and accessible for all.

What we believe

  • Financial independence is a human right

    Olliv provides an alternative to traditional financial institutions with decentralized, crypto-powered solutions designed to help people around the world achieve financial freedom.

  • Investing should be elegantly simple

    Go from zero to crypto in just a few clicks with our intuitive and personalized platform - you may even look forward to using it!

  • Accessibility is for all - anywhere, anytime

    Whether you're a rise-and-grind investor or a night-owl newbie, you have access to your crypto 24/7 with award-winning customer support in case you have questions.

  • Security drives everything we do

    Customer safety is crucial to our success. We prioritize carefully vetted technology and recommend that customers use self-custodial wallets to maintain total control over their crypto.

Olliv = all of us

Founded in Chicago, IL, U.S.
Satisfied crypto customers
Bitcoin ATMs worldwide
  • Ben Weiss

    CEO and Co-Founder 

  • Daniel Polotsky

    Founder and Chairman   

  • Kris Dayrit

    Co-Founder, Director of CoinFlip Ventures & Board

  • Alan Gurevich

    Co-Founder and Head of ATM Platform

  • Rory Herriman

    Executive Advisor

  • Colleen Kavanagh

    Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

  • Ron Partridge

    President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Sebastiaan Gybels

    Chief Information & Chief Security Officer 

  • "Olliv is a financial services platform powered by crypto that puts simplicity, security, and customer safety first."

  • "We welcome customers — regardless of their cryptocurrency background — to this next step in the financial revolution."

  • Josh Allen

    Sr. VP & General Manager, International 

  • Geoffrey McDowell

    Sr. VP & General Manager, USA Kiosks

  • Nathan Paredes

    Sr. VP & General Manager, Digital

  • Gina Lowdermilk

    Head of AML

  • Larry Lipka

    VP, General Counsel 

  • Jason Shontz

    VP, Finance

  • John Mejia

    Director, USA Kiosks

  • "Olliv is breaking down the exclusivity barrier of cryptocurrency to offer an inclusive space for new investors."

  • "The future of crypto isn’t about who’s already in it, it’s about onboarding new users and propelling mass adoption."

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